Day 1: The post-2015 development framework: priorities for the least developed countries

Relive the coverage from a three-day conference at Wilton Park organised by IIED to enable frank and open dialogue between those in the political process of setting 'sustainable development goals' and those in least developed countries (LDCs) who will need to implement the goals

  1. Made it safe now ready to begin the Post2015 devt framework: priorities for LDCs work with @IIED at @WiltonPark in UK
  2. #Post2015 devt agenda is crucial to all of us esp for LDC whether we look at poverty levels or income levels. #LDCpriorities @WiltonPark
  3. Dependency of LDCs on ODA is very high yet LDCs have smallest share of international trade. #Post2015 must deal with these #LDCpriorities
  4. What is IIED doing to address the #post-2015 agenda? Our vision and our work can be seen here -->  #ldcpriorities
  5. Because we live in an integrated world, #LDCpriorities are also in the best interests of the world/the international community #post2015
  6. If it’s taken 15 yrs to achieve 8 MDGS, is it possible to achieve 12 SDGs? Setting achievable goals is essential #ldcpriorities #post2015
  7. Each LDC shd identify its own challenges so that #Post2015 agenda can have local resonance #LDCpriorities
  8. Interesting start of the conference on 'the post-2015 development framework: priorities for the ldcs'
  9. LDCs have talent + natural resources so they need mutual accountability framework at national + international level #LDCpriorities
  10. Unexpected mentions of late US folk singer Pete Seeger. His lyric 'we shall overcome' inspiration for LDCs getting voices heard? #post2015
  11. The prevailing economic growth model is not taking into account of needs of LDCs and those in most need #Post2015 #LDCpriorities
  12. Hope expressed that, as numbers of LDCs diminishes, this same conf in 15 years will only need a telephone box #post2015 #ldcpriorities
  13. Importance of local institutions must be noted .whatever is agreed at international level has to make sense on the ground #LDCpriorities
  14. Quick bit of housekeeping: all discussion at this #ldcpriorities and #post2015 conference is ‘off the record’ to encourage frank debate...
  15. Where permission is specifically granted, we will of course identify those speaking and their particular views #ldcpriorities #post2015
  16. Passionate discussion on how LDCs can achieve objectives in face of lack of technology and productive capacity #ldcpriorities #post2015
  17. Is it better to have a city (#urban) SDG or to promote a city dimension into all/some of the other SDGs? #ldcpriorities #post2015
  18. @IIED We need both! And not just "city dimension" in all #SDG but a truly territorial one (more integrated & complex)
  19. Our topic now is a new framework for poverty eradication & sustainable development #ldcpriorities #post2015
  20. What challenges will the world face over the next 20 yrs and what does this mean for #LDSpriorities? #post2015
  21. Policymakers can face tough decision on whether to spend to improve lives of poorest 5% or other 95%. Latter affects more lives #post2015
  22. In LDCs eyes, 3 elements are partic. important – productive capacity building, gainful employment & climate change #ldcpriorities #post2015
  23. The challenging prospect of reaching zero #poverty is currently the subject of a presentation #ldcpriorities #post2015
  24. Countries must consider priorities - those already in #poverty/those falling into poverty/those escaping poverty #ldcpriorities #post2015
  25. Disaster risk management and adaptive capacity of countries can make a difference for LDC to escape poverty #LDCpriorities #post2015
  26. @IIED Exactly! But recent policies are the exact opposite: land grabbing and real estate speculation! #UrbanReform #AgrarianReform
  27. One aspect vital to keep people moving away from #poverty is gaining access to land #ldcpriorities #post2015
  28. Question posed how #poverty can be looked at without addressing fragile nature of countries, conflict & governance? #post2015 #ldcpriorities
  29. Framework for post-conflict countries must factor in how women will gain employment and address women's needs #ldcpriorities #post2015
  30. Key communities such as youth - and their education/employment - essential in work to eradicate #poverty #ldcpriorities #post2015
  31. Point made that there is significant lack of data, & up-to-date data, in some LDCs when addressing #poverty #LDCpriorities #post2015
  32. Most people who find it easy to escape poverty are in their 20s, most through migration + escape from family #LDCpriorities #post2015
  33. Establishing a global framework for eradicating #poverty is not the end of the story - it's the beginning #ldcpriorities #post2015
  34. Most likely there wont be women centered specific goal bt we have to be smarter and ensure all other indicators factor gender #LDCpriorities
  35. the role of the informal economy remains in the periphery of the post 2015 agenda. #post2015 @IIED @OSISA
  36. Shortcoming of MDGs, partic. LDCs, is ignoring their largely informal economies. Must deliver #post2015 agenda that accounts for realities
  37. yet the informal economy in sub-Saharan Africa excluding South Africa contributes 20 & 50% of non-agriculture GD @OSISA @IIED #post2015
  38. A new framework for poverty eradication, what would be the triggers of structural transformation in least developed countries? #post2015
  39. HR + governance in #post2015 agenda mostly abt accountability in LDCs. What about others? Do you want an unbalanced agenda? #LDCpriorities
  40. That's it for today from #post2015 #ldcpriorities conference @WiltonPark. But there will be a daily round-up later/first thing tomorrow