Day 2: The post-2015 development framework: priorities for the least developed countries

Catch up with the coverage from day two of the conference at Wilton Park organised by IIED to enable frank and open dialogue between those in the political process of setting 'sustainable development goals' and those in least developed countries (LDCs) who will need to implement the goals

  1. But first, here's a recap of what happened during day one of the discussions @WiltonPark -->  #post2015 #ldcpriorities
  2. First up for discussion is "how do LDCs achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth?" Your views welcome #post2015 #ldcpriorities
  3. MT @KittyvdHeijden: In Wilton park to discuss how #post2015 can better support special needs of LDC. #ldcpriorities
  4. Global models of Inclusive growth do not capture LDCs. No separate cntry models #Post2015 #LDCpriorities
  5. QUESTION: What is the one transformation you would want to see delivered by #post2015 development agenda for LDCs? #ldcpriorities
  6. Global Growth generators: boost domestic saving+ investment rates, invest in human capital #LDCpriorities #post2015
  7. PAPER: How LDC negotiators can increase their collective bargaining power in #post2015 debates -->  n #ldcpriorities
  8. Not possible to rely on private expenditure to assist LDCs grow economically. Public expenditure needs to grow #post2015 #ldcpriorities
  9. LDCs must step up structural public expenditure in Sustainable Devt areas. it's still low, they need to go to 20% #LDCpriorities #post2015
  10. Resource mobilization for sustainable development matters for LDCs: towards cooperation and collective action.
  11. Economic framework for sustainable devt: change relative prices of natural resources/labour, more social spending, more taxes #ldcpriorities
  12. @IIED @OSISA LDCs prone to financial regulations disasters undermining prospects for economic growth & development. #illicitflows #post2015
  13. international tax cooperation is needed as a key strategy for mobilizing resources for sustainable development. #LDCpriorities #post2015
  14. Prices of natural resources need to go up to reflect their true scarcity, energy switch to renewables+clean power generation #LDCpriorities
  15. People in LDC work very hard every day to survive. But only 1% earns more than 4 dollars a day.
  16. ERT Economic framework for sustainable devt: change relative prices of natural resources, more social spending, more taxes #ldcpriorities
  17. empowering actors is as important as introducing new regulations - rethink the portfolio of development assistance #ldcpriorities #post2015
  18. Priorities for #post2015 on jobs: temp overseas migration, data on employment, aid for social protection #LDCpriorities
  19. there is a tendency to rely on past solutions but whats needed is a smart combination of realism & ambition in development agenda #post2015
  20. LDCs must be in the driving seat themselves – without being told where or how fast to go #post2015 #ldcpriorities
  21. give center stage to the people who are supposed to be beneficiaries of the work we do. sit and listen to people in the LDCs #post2015
  22. LDCs have a lot going for them. What would a locally driven processe highlight as priorities for post 2015? #LDCpriorities #post2015
  23. Lots of interaction and new folllowers (welcome!) here this morning. Hope you're liking the #ldcpriorities #post2015 conf coverage... (1/2)
  24. Poor in Bhutan: we can do it - what we really need is skills. Skills that are often available locally + bring the local community together.
  25. PAPER: Exploring global development issues of most relevance to LDCs -->  #ldcpriorities #post2015
  26. How do we create inclusive growth in LDCs? access to affordable & clean energy rural areas is key #LDCpriorities #post2015
  27. LDCs must consider their tax base is one of the recommendations. Question, isn't misuse of funds a bigger problem? #LDCproirities #post2015
  28. Corruption/lack of transparency re public funds is big issue when considering tax base/increased public expenditure #post2015 #ldcpriorities
  29. MT @clairemelamed: raising agric productivity without providing markets can make farmers worse off, if output rises and prices fall
  30. structural transformation that is fundamental for development not taking place. problem is different interpretation transformation #post2015
  31. economic growth is not the only important indicator for living life meaningfully. happiness indicators matter. human well being #post2015
  32. Aid important in development, talking down on aid will contribute to a decline in development impacts particular in the LDCs #post2015
  33. RT @nangabe: Where is the sustainability component in the debates on #LDCpriorities & transformation #post2015
  34. After a short break, the next topic @WiltonPark is agriculture & natural resources sector as key drivers for change #LDCpriorities #post2015
  35. the problem of LDCs is a problem of the world having to develop and adapt new ways of creating wealth #LDCpriorities #post2015
  36. Models and statistics can help, but the world is a surprising place & LDCs need to be prepared for those surprises #post2015 #LDCpriorities
  37. Longtern economic change can be delivered through innovative governance. Model forest govenance offer rich lessons #post2015 #LDCpriorities
  38. When creating viable local wealth, the best investments are to invest in development of local economies #ldcpriorities #post2015
  39. Some v provocative/challenging views being aired re how expert economists/engineers don't understand what LDCs need #LDCpriorities #post2015
  40. #ldcpriorities: farmers given loans to buy irrigation pumps, fixed the pumps to a chassis and turned them into trucks.
  41. #ldcpriorities: most of the time governments and other agencies have no idea what's going on at local level
  42. Only rich talk about poverty. Poor don't talk about poverty. Poor talk about better ways of creating local wealth. So should we.
  43. Lack of money not big an issue for LDCs as portrayed/believed outside of LDCs. Bigger problem is lack of confidence in governance #post2015
  44. @IIED Also lack of communication between government departments and also stakeholders.
  45. Most farms in Nepal have 1 or 2 people working in Gulf & sending money back. Not sustainable development/fewer people to farm #ldcpriorities
  46. ...such factors/issues result in the knowledge of farming being lost to communities and future generations forever #ldcpriorities #post2015
  47. Culture of agriculture disappears in Nepal. Young people moving to cities. Knowledge on farming in fragile ecosystem slowly disappearing too
  48. Need to bridge gap between academic knowledge production & those who could use it to transform societies. #post2015 #LDCpriorities
  49. Power & decision-making needs to be relocated to where crops are grown and resources are managed #LDCpriorities #post2015
  50. ... #LDCpriorities #post2015 needs government recognition of rights of local people to manage resources (such as water/forestry)
  51. #ldcpriorities: how can goals be used to mobilise local action - were MDGs to government focused?
  52. @IIED the final one I found was that international donors find it hard to work together and end up doing the same reports over and over.
  53. @IIED also some international agencies trying to do things on the cheap and not factoring in long term life of projects.
  54. V interesting examples of changes that are needed in ag, econ, etc, but wondering what all this means for #post2015 goals? #ldcpriorities
  55. That's all for morning session @WiltonPark. We're due to resume at approx 3pm when focus will be on #climatechange #LDCpriorities #post2015
  56. NEW JOB: We're seeking a Principal Researcher - Environmental Economics. Full details here --> 
  57. BLOG: Kazakhstan takes lead in Central Asia by aspiring to make leap to green economy. Here's 10 recommendations --> 
  58. "Next few yrs crucial for laying groundwork if K'hstan is to make meaningful transition to green inclusive economy" - 
  59. REPORT: Assessing Kazakhstan's policy and institutional framework for a green economy --> 
  60. seeing pictures at #ldcpriorities conf of damage heavy rains can do to infrastructure - tragic given lack of infrastructure in first place
  61. How much will it cost Africa to adapt? 2degrees scenario = $ 35billion/year by 2040 #ClimateChange #LDCpriorities #post2015
  62. Report shows dramatic increase in intensity & frequency of high temperature extremes, partic. challenging for LDCs #post2015 #LDCpriorities
  63. Addressing climate change vital for LDCs, who are partic. dependent on agriculture for food, income and employment #LDCpriorities #post2015
  64. some good practical suggestions for action at #ldcpriorities: energy efficient building codes, financial incentives, labelling
  65. also importance of technology transfer, esp South-south exchange #ldcpriorities
  66. LDCs need to stop thinking of themselves as victims, start being leaders on climate and development, says speaker at #ldcpriorities
  67. Nine LDCs already addressed climate change by implementing low carbon climate resilient strategies of some kind #LDCpriorities #post2015
  68. #LDCpriorities #post2015 LDCs have a significant claim in the climate change adaptation fund to finance implementation of post2015 agenda
  69. Lots of discussion re community-based adaptation to climate change. Good time to mention April #CBA8 conference --> 
  70. climate finance: LDCs not big emitters so won't get much of mitigation funds, but shld get large part of funds for adaptation #ldcpriorities
  71. Key question re climate finance for adaptation is whether the funds will reach people the ground #LDCpriorities #post2015
  72. Nepal has allocated 80% of money coming into govt on climate change to be decided at local level. Good example #post2015 #LDCpriorities
  73. LDCs facing impact of climate change first - other countries will learn from them when it's their turn. #ldcpriorities
  74. Some related reading on climate change MT @SarahLawan: As Climate Change bites the dust, West Africa seeks solutions 
  75. hearing how ground water wells becoming salty & land salinated because of rising sea levels in Pacific islands #ldcpriorities
  76. Climate change is talked about like it’s happening around the corner. It’s happening now. Islands are losing territory now #LDCpriorities
  77. Some really powerful views regarding climate change - how it's current rather than future concern - being expressed #LDCpriorities #post2015
  78. This is amazingly powerful. A government trying to plan for a world where territory wiped out. 'We are the canary in the mine'#ldcpriorities
  79. International funds allocated to LDCs for adaptation are difficult to access and too slow to be delivered #LDCpriorities #post2015
  80. The time to act is now, not #Post2015 but now for island nations! #LDCpriorities
  81. If serious about MDGs, SDGs, to be transformational, we need a whole new paradigm shift. But looking at same old systems #LDCpriorities
  82. a presentation on CC impacts on small islands states makes a clear case for migration with dignity as crucial for post 2015 agenda #post2015
  83. Countries preparing to no longer exist: have bought land on higher ground in other places, educating citizens so can migrate #ldcpriorities
  84. How can we talk about post 2015 when climate change threatens the very survival of our people? #post2015 #ldcpriorities
  85. LDCs should be able to leapfrog straight to clean energy sources - but need funds e.g. from mitigation funds to do it. #ldcpriorities
  86. There is a logical link btwn climate change & poverty reduction; adaptation, energy efficiency & access to fair share of climate finance.
  87. The science is clear climate change is real. Question is how do we stop the fragmentation in post 2015 space #Post2015 #ldcpriorities
  88. Idea proposed based on principle climate change problem only be solved with global carbon budget & by seizing issue of equity #LDCpriorities
  89. "The sky is a global commons – we have to recognise that we all own it and that none of us own it" #LDCpriorities #post2015
  90. There is a blog related to those last two tweets that the idea proposer is keen to publicise more widely - I'll track it down shortly
  91. Reality of SIDS in the face of climate change requires meaningful partnerships. #LDCpriorities #post2015
  92. Here's that blog I mentioned: A high ambition coalition of the willing on climate change -->  #LDCpriorities #post2015
  93. Short break, so off to add to four interviews carried out earlier. Should be available via  next week #LDCpriorities
  94. The next topic for discussion @WiltonPark #LDCpriorities #post2015 conference is 'achieving gender equality'
  95. Absorbing video showing how Bangladesh women led response to devastating cyclone Mahesen in May #LDCpriorities #post2015
  96. Re gender equality, have to look beyond what was achieved with MDGs and look at more ambitious targets #LDCpriorities #post2015
  97. #post2015 needs to address women's specific vulnerabilities, roles. Understand gender dimension and bring women's voices in #ldcpriorities
  98. we do need to consider a framework that will consider structural issues, social changes, politica #LDCpriorities Gender #Post2015
  99. We were so excited by new technologies e.g. mobiles, but again, used as a vehicle for violence against women #ldcpriorities
  100. Getting to the heart of the matter now - should there be a standalone gender goal in #post2015? #ldcpriorities
  101. MDGs had notable impact on gender equality but success slow & not tackling more entrenched issues. Structural changes requird #LDCpriorities
  102. Focus on girls going to school did little to address inequality that stop girls from completing education #LDCpriorities #Post2015
  103. Go beyond simply monitoring reduction in gender gaps. Focus on transforming structural norms that hold women back #post2015 #ldcpriorities
  104. #post2015 moving from technical to political stage - what are political prospects to getting a standalone gender goal? #ldcpriorities
  105. Politically it's unthinkable that SDGs don’t reflect 50% of population and include a gender goal #LDCpriorities #post2015
  106. Politically unthinkable that the UN would omit gender goals. Question is which set would deliver structural change for women? #post2015
  107. There is a serious backlash against women's rights going on globally - need investments in education, local government. #ldcpriorities
  108. Gender equality not just an issue affecting #LDCs. In Japan, just 9% of parliament comprises women #LDCpriorities #post2015
  109. Gender equality is a universal issue, and so are the #post2015 goals. Everyone must play part in advancing gender equality #LDCpriorities
  110. Are quotas good/worthwhile for helping women attain more power (in terms of gender equality)? #LDCpriorities #post2015 (1/2)
  111. shows that where quotas active, 24% of parliaments are female. Where not active, figure drops to 12% #LDCpriorities #post2015
  112. Interesting debate on pros and cons of quotas for women in parliaments here at #ldcpriorities. Some evidence they work.
  113. Quota for women shdnt be only target to achieve gender parity. most female MPs in #Uganda are on quota has its own downside #LDCpriorities
  114. Discussion focusing on need to tackle gender imbalances in wealth, not just income - e.g. inheritance rights for women. #ldcpriorities
  115. What is your creative vision for a transformative post 2015 agenda? #post2015 #ldcpriorities
  116. @nangabe @IIED @OSISA genuine departure frm neoliberal dvpt, delinking trade frm aid, linking dvpt aid 2 progress on #inequality #post2015
  117. signing off from #ldcpriorities now...thanks all for a really interesting few days.
  118. That's it for day 2 from the #post2015 #ldcpriorities conference @WiltonPark. Will be a daily round-up posted later/first thing tomorrow
  119. Hope you enjoyed our #post2015 #LDCpriorities coverage & found it useful/interesting. Feedback always welcome so get in touch. More tomorrow