Day 3: The post-2015 development framework: priorities for the least developed countries

Catch up with the coverage from day three of the conference at Wilton Park organised by IIED to enable frank and open dialogue between those in the political process of setting 'sustainable development goals' and those in least developed countries (LDCs) who will need to implement the goals

  1. First up today @WiltonPark is a discussion on good governance within the #post2015 agenda #LDCpriorities
  2. How do #LDCs want the #post2015 framework to address protection/promotion of human rights & LDC voice in decision-making? #LDCpriorities
  3. It's morning @WiltonPark now, but here's a photo of conference venue Wiston House last night #LDCpriorities #post2015
    It's morning @WiltonPark now, but here's a photo of conference venue Wiston House last night #LDCpriorities #post2015
  4. @BrooksPoverty @clairemelamed @IIED Realigning IPOA is how LDCs priorities will be adequately reflected in all processes...
  5. @IIED go for broke and give us the life changing solutions we need.
  6. Accountability, legal identy, freedoms, rule of law are basic sets of building blocks towards the governance aspirational goals #post2015
  7. Governance should be in the #post2015 framework - as a process goal rather than a "product" goal. #ldcpriorities
  8. RT @nangabe: Power asymmetry lies behind many failures of governance. How can less powerful actors have a greater say in #post2015 process
  9. How do we ensure that Civic Education for the populace occupy the centre for growth @nangabe @DeproseM @IIED #post2015 #ldcpriorities
  10. We have a goal on freedom of speech and it is fundamental. How do we get rid of bad governance? or govts? #Post2015 #LDCpriorities
  11. Are we going to talk abt bad governance at international level? how do we tackle lack of accountability. #LDCpriorities #Post2015
  12. There are no instruments at international level to implement global economic governance. only monitoring capacity. #LDCpriorities #Post2015
  13. #ldcpriorities How do you address int'l governance given exceptional nature of empire? #post2015
  14. #ldcpriorities Karl Popper: 'most ppl attracted to power r at best mediocre...' perhap question shd be how to control governance? #post2015
  15. No kind of incentive to help countries who make the choice of democratic governance. #LDCpriorities #Post2015
  16. How do we help fragile democracies which are struggling.most LDCs we have top govt officials with money stashed in Europe. #LDCpriorities
  17. Access to info is v.important, data needed for people to make impact on processes of devt + accountable use of resources #LDCpriorities
  18. #ldcpriorities A study of how some South Amer countries removed themselves from the yoke of empire&consequences might be in order #post2015
  19. how do we turn a lazy citizen to active citizen is important and access to information is central #LDCpriorities #Post2015
  20. Build a sense of citizenship by popularising global agreements around #post2015
  21. #LDCpriorities conference discussion groups feedback: How to achieve good governance and effective global governance #post2015?
  22. Strong and inspirational leadership is crucial to good governance. Institutions that will translate into action #post2015
  23. Instruments that allow us to monitor economic governance at a global level will be crucial for governance targets and goals #post2015
  24. Least developed countries must come up with what would be good governance from their perspectives #post2015
  25. Key take-away from Wilton Park conf on LDC in post 2015: more of the same isn't good enough - transformative economic growth in LDCs needed
  26. Gender equality and economic growth are intimately related-ustainable growth must include women, everywhere, in all respects, at all levels
  27. #ldcpriorities Rather than charismatic leadership, a strong labor/popluar movement & ed lead to good governance. #post2015
  28. Summing up & conclusions #ldcpriorities: #SDGs should contribute to transformative and equitable change at global/regional/national levels
  29. How to differentiate btw LDC and other dev countries in post 2015 goal framework: specific LDC goal? specific targets? different deadlines?
  30. Wilton Park conf: LDCs have ability to leapfrog to a sustainable future by investing in green infrastructure (energy, water, agric, cities)
  31. Tackling sustainable consumption and production in OECD + emerging economies must be part of our shared destiny in post 2015
  32. #ldcpriorities: Positive asymmetry of power is need where the poor and marginalised play a leading role in development #post2015
  33. #ldcpriorities: demographic change means that the position of children and older people in development must be recognised #post2015
  34. #ldcpriorities #post2015 conference coming to a close, thank you for great discussions and coordination from @IIED @WiltonPark
  35. Wilton Park conf. on LDC in post 2015 winding down: congratulations to IIED + OHRLLS + LDC expert group for constructive + insightful conf.
  36. Spoke to delegate last night who came straight to #post2015 #LDCpriorities conference after 20hr flight. Shows importance of issues to LDCs
  37. @IIED @nangabe LDC governments views on good governance may not be shared by all their citizens. How to capture wider views?
  38. One of this morning's presenters @WiltonPark #post2015 #LDCpriorities conference was Youba Sokona, special advisor @South_Centre... (1/2)
  39. That's it for our #LDCpriorities #post2015 coverage from @WiltonPark. Daily round-up will be posted later - thanks for following/engaging