1. Moving ahead with REDD+: Propects and challenges workshop - day one

From 9-10 April, the International Institute for Environment and Development hosted a workshop that aimed to explore the latest thinking on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+). Here are the highlights from the first day.

  1. We're hosting a workshop today @IIED to explore the latest thinking on #REDD+ We'll be covering the event all day on here so stay tuned!
  2. For those planning to follow virtually, the full agenda for the two-day #REDD+ workshop is available here -->  http://www.iied.org/files/Moving_ahead_with_REDD_agenda.pdf 
  3. Isilda Nhantumbo, Senior Researcher @IIED opens our tow day workshop which brings together key players and perspectives on #REDD+
  4. Over the next two days we'll explore questions, share evidence and reflect on how #REDD+ is likely to unfold...
  5. Josefina Brana-Varela from WWF-US explains the impact and barriers for implementation of Warsaw Framework for #REDD+ @WWFForestCarbon
  6. How to move ahead with #REDD+? Need to see #REDD not as an end but a means to achieve broader conservation objectives says Josefina
  7. Josefina Brana-Varela from WWF-US: REDD+ should be seen not as an end but as a means to achieve broader conservation objectives @IIED
  8. There is still much work to do but we are experiencing a great window of opportunity for #REDD+.
  9. Thais Linhares-Juvenal from @unredd talks about supporting #REDD+ readiness and the challenges and opportunities ahead...
  10. @IIED Thais Linhares-Juvenal UNREDD: must avoid segregating REDD+ & keep it within main climate agenda to ensure sufficient funds for #REDD+
  11. #REDD+ not just about #forests. Need to engage a wide range of stakeholders and strengthen the cross-sector approach, concludes Thais
  12. Monica di Gregorio now speaking @IIED's workshop and is comparing progress in national #REDD+ policy processes @CIFOR @UniversityLeeds
  13. Following our #REDD+ workshop on here today and want to see the presentations? They will be available on our website after the workshop.
  14. Our next speaker, Assheton Carter from @AltheliaEco brings a private sector perspective to our #REDD+ debate @IIED today.
  15. Find out how @IIED is working with partners to understand the scale of private sector engagement with #REDD+ here:  http://www.iied.org/private-sector-involvement-redd 
  16. Assheton Carter, Althelia: lack of demand for sustainable products is key challenge when engaging private sector on deforestation @IIED
  17. Now talking about the important role of government in the #REDD+ debate. Government needs to lead and the private sector will follow.
  18. Participants at the #REDD+ workshop are now discussing this morning's presentations. Please let us know your comments/experiences too
  19. #REDD+will be a risky business for #forests + people - #Nepal is trying to assess just how risky: @IIED blog  http://ow.ly/vAJrj  @unredd
  20. Linhares-Juvenal @unredd: What are the national budget implications for govts who make #REDD+ commitments? It's not fully clear
  21. @GlobalCanopy @IIED Will REDD+ at scale ever be driven by consumer demand? Misses core "externality" argument justifying REDD+ framework?
  22. @IIED #REDD+ "readiness" only relevant if credible price signals (from government) follow.
  23. Now discussing: Is the role of the local private sector - merchants etc - hidden in #REDD+ schemes/plans?
  24. How can #REDD+ compete with the profitability of #agriculture? Should the main focus not be on increasing productivity in agriculture?
  25. ...and if there is increasing productivity in agriculture, will that not lead to pressure for more land to be used for #agriculture? #REDD+
  26. At smaller scales, private #REDD+ demand can be relevant. Makes for nice pilots, but not for real reduced emissions benefits at scale. @IIED
  27. That's it for the first two sessions of our #REDD+ workshop. The second session will begin at around 1.30pm (UK time)
  28. We're back after lunch + Mirko Serkovic joins us via VC from the Carbon Finance Unit @WorldBank in Washington to talk about financing #REDD+
  29. When will have a #REDD ready world? Asks @IIED's very own Dr Essam Mohammed. Answers on a postcard please...
  30. Isilda Nhantumbo is next up to talk about carbon rights. Read her briefing paper:  http://t.co/jVBeECHXiM #REDD+ http://t.co/hfmyuUaSup
    Isilda Nhantumbo is next up to talk about carbon rights. Read her briefing paper:  http://pubs.iied.org/17148IIED  #REDD+ pic.twitter.com/hfmyuUaSup
  31. Legislation on carbon rights + benefit sharing needed. We must have these difficult conversations, concludes @IIED's Isilda Nhantumbo #REDD+
  32. Next to take the floor is @KathleenEdie to share lessons about community carbon trading and the @Plan_Vivo approach to #REDD+
  33. Does the market pay? @KathleenEdie asks @IIED's #REDD+ workshop. The answer is no! Please feel free to share your thoughts with us...
  34. Need to simply carbon accounting says Mirko Serkovic E.g Kenyan project that incentivises farmers to measure increases to crop yields #REDD+
  35. Lively Q&A now taking place.Great example of @IIED’s ability to bring together international experts to share ideas + latest thinking #REDD+
  36. Quick break in the workshop before a 4pm return for a special #REDD+ focus in the latest of our Critical Themes -->  http://www.iied.org/understanding-whats-stake 
  37. BLOG: Nepal is assessing the potential harm & benefits of the compensation scheme for protecting #forests -->  http://www.iied.org/risky-business-assessing-potential-impacts-redd-nepal  #REDD+
  38. The final session of today's #REDD+ workshop is under way, with Jane Boles, of Era Ecosystems discussing a project in the Dem Rep of Congo
  39. While Mai Ndombe project was good pilot for DRC, and good for #conservation, it's not an easy model to replicate due to unique circs #REDD+
  40. If the voluntary carbon market for #REDD+ won't get to the $30billion target, why talk about it, asks Jane Boles
  41. If one large company adopts REDD+ in a significant way, does that discourage others in same sector keen to mark out their own unique CSR?
  42. Just because CSR is limited as #REDD+ catalyst doesn't mean it doesn't have a role to play in reducing deforestation, concludes Jane Boles
  43. Here's Jane Boles, of Era Ecosystems, addressing a packed room for the #REDD+ workshop Critical Theme http://t.co/EEKMvAnkbG
    Here's Jane Boles, of Era Ecosystems, addressing a packed room for the #REDD+ workshop Critical Theme pic.twitter.com/EEKMvAnkbG
  44. Matt Leggett, of @GlobalCanopy, is now discussing supply and demand for #REDD+
  45. Among the problems is a lack of demand for #REDD+ emission reductions between 2015-2020, says @GlobalCanopy's Matt Leggett
  46. Is #REDD+ a good investment? Leggett asks the room if they would invest their own money in a REDD+ project...
  47. Strategic intervention is required, inc. focusing on performance-based financial incentives to catalyse private sector investment #REDD+
  48. @IIED What is role of government in #REDD+? Demand. What is role of private sector? Supply. #missingtheforestfortrees
  49. .@GlobalCanopy's Matt Leggett: Now we understand #REDD+, we understand the parameters, now is the time to invest
  50. @IIED event critical question - What conditions must be created to faciliate private sector investment in REDD+?
  51. "Too many people have put too much into too good an idea" to not make the most of #REDD+, says @GlobalCanopy's Matt Leggett
  52. That concludes the first day of our #REDD+ workshop. Thanks for following and please get in touch with any views or questions