Tracking adaptation and measuring development (TAMD) workshop

The governments of six countries shared their experiences of assessing the effectiveness and developmental impacts of climate change adaptation at an international meeting in Kenya on 24-27 March. Researcher @SusannahFisher, of IIED's Climate Change Group, provided coverage of the four-day event

  1. Six nations are sharing progress on measuring adaptation to #climatechange at a workshop in Kenya this week --> 
  2. A view of an area in Isiolo County, Kenya, where IIED and partners have been testing a new framework and tools that aim to ensure that adaptation and development work in tandem
  3. The meeting will discuss tracking adaptation & measuring developments (TAMD), developed by IIED, and @Susannahfisher is providing coverage
  4. Planner from Isiolo County, Kenya talks about managing County Adaptation Funds #climateplanning
  5. Community processes to develop local adaptation and development indicators in Isiolo County - what makes people vulnerable to droughts?
  6. Question - how do MRV+ and the National Climate Change Action Plan work together in Kenya? #climateplanning
  7. TAMD in Pakistan looks at earthquake rehabilitation and relevance for adaptation #climateplanning
  8. Government of Cambodia present their climate change strategy - shifting towards green development #climateplanning
  9. Cambodia committed to a national climate change M&E strategy #climateplanning
  10. Cambodia using ladder based approach to institutional scorecards for adaptation #climateplanning
  11. RT @Susannahfisher: Government of Nepal presenting on Environmentally Friendly Local Governance indicators #climateplanning
  12. Government of Ethiopia presents the Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy #climateplanning
  13. Ethiopia looking to mainstream climate resilient green economy through ministerial units #climateplanning
  14. Getting towards the end of day 2 at the TAMD workshop - @IIED's Simon Anderson leads the participants in an energiser before Uganda starts
  15. Uganda presents their climate context and says TAMD may have something to offer #CLIMATEPLANNING
  16. Irene Karani talks about ward level M&E plans and theories of change in Isiolo County #climateplanning
  17. Day 3 Tracking Adaptation Measuring Development - the day started early for the government participants with a drive in Meru National Park
  18. Day 3 of TAMD workshop - @IIED's Simon Anderson starts by asking how can we tell when just addressing the development deficit is not enough?
  19. Country teams discuss methodological challenges of adaptation M&E in their country #climateplanning
  20. Timescale of TAMD work has been too short to understand moving baselines in Kenya - is it more about shifting targets? #climateplanning
  21. indicators on climate risk management can be challenging as people do not always understand how this links to resilience #climateplanning
  22. . @Garama3CLtd's Nick Brooks talks of shifting baselines and moving targets and how to use climate information to understand the challenge
  23. Mozambique talks about how to assess local adaptation planning and build into government systems #climateplanning
  24. Ethiopia presents on building resilience through sustainable land management #climateplanning
  25. .@Garama3CLtd's Nick Brooks presents on resilience indicators and how to measure changes #climateplanning
  26. In Kenya, the third day of an IIED workshop on measuring adaptation to #climatechange is coming to a close --> 
  27. .@DFID_UK's Kirsty Mason explains Dfid's approach to climate adaptation M&E and the key importance of gender #climateplanning
  28. Participants explain how they hope to support national governments through TAMD work #climateplanning
  29. Day 4 of TAMD workshop gets started with a slide show of the Big 5
  30. Participants discuss cross cutting issues of data availability, institutions, impact and accountability #climateplanning
  31. .@Garama3CLtd's Nick Brooks talks about how TAMD might support capacity building in countries #climateplanning
  32. Closing session of the TAMD workshop - participants discuss what to take back to their countries #climateplanning
  33. And we head off on the drive to from Meru to Nairobi! Thanks to all! Workshop report coming soon #climateplanning