2014 Barbara Ward Lecture

Fatima Denton, the director of the special initiatives division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), said it was time we told the real story about Africa and climate change at IIED's 2014 Barbara Ward Lecture on 20 November. Here's how the event unfolded...

  1. The questions are coming in for @Fatima_ACPC ahead of this evening's #BarbaraWard2014 Lecture.

What's yours? http://t.co/zSEl6LjQ7U
    The questions are coming in for @Fatima_ACPC ahead of this evening's #BarbaraWard2014 Lecture. What's yours? pic.twitter.com/zSEl6LjQ7U
  2. @IIED #BarbaraWard2014 question: What would @Fatima_ACPC say to LDCs who wish to use their progressive force to foster ambition?
  3. We’ve asked our question of tonight’s @IIED #BarbaraWard2014 lecturer @Fatima_APC what’s yours?
  4. Off to interview @Fatima_ACPC ahead of her @IIED #BarbaraWard2014 lecture tonight at the British Library.
  5. Barbara Ward was a pioneering economist, writer & lecturer. Find out more about her life -->  http://www.iied.org/iied-founder-barbara-ward  #BarbaraWard2014
  6. SLIDESHOW: As guests start to arrive for #BarbaraWard2014, this is what is being shown on the screen outside -->  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijab_aOty9I 
  7. FILM: The #BarbaraWard2014 Lecture will begin soon. This is the inspirational video attendees are currently watching  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-54VWE4-mpc 
  8. #BarbaraWard2014 starts soon. We'll be providing live coverage on here throughout. @IIED director @CamillaIIED to open the lecture…
  9. #BarbaraWard2014 Fatima Denton lecture about to start looking forward to hear her vision of Africa responding to c/c http://t.co/v9SOdmAbmT
    #BarbaraWard2014 Fatima Denton lecture about to start looking forward to hear her vision of Africa responding to c/c pic.twitter.com/v9SOdmAbmT
  10. At #BarbaraWard2014 outstanding women in development lecture by Dr Fatima Denton dir of special initiatives at UN economic commission Africa
  11. And we're off. @CamillaIIED welcomes guests to #BarbaraWard2014 explaining these lectures celebrate outstanding women in development
  12. Barbara Ward lecture finally underway. @CamillaIIED just welcoming @Fatima_ACPC to the stage! #BarbaraWard2014
  13. Fatima Denton's paradox of Africa "standing in the river but dying of thirst" #barbaraward2014
  14. Time has come for Africa to seize climate change as a business opportunity says @Fatima_ACPC #Barbaraward2014
  15. Opportunity that will come with sustained growth, new technologies+job creation in agriculture, water and energy sectors #BarbaraWard2014
  16. #Climate change one of the most compelling + defining challenges of 21st century. Also one of the greatest opportunities #BarbaraWard2014
  17. Climate change offers the opportunity to draw up a new social contract #Barbaraward2014 says @Fatima_ACPC
  18. Collective human security is in our DNA. Fatima Denton on Africa and climatechange. #barbaraward2014
  19. 'Viewing climate change in Africa as a business opportunity, with new technologies, investment portfolios' Fatima Denton #BarbaraWard2014
  20. Fatima Denton:Africa's climate change narrative must be owned & reframed & include history, colonialism & natural resources.#BarbaraWard2014
  21. African agriculture poorly integrated with other sectors #BarbaraWard2014
  22. Africa battling against climate change impacts, witnessed through agricultural losses amounting to 2-7% of GDP #BarbaraWard2014
  23. Fatima quotes @WorldBank report 'Africa could be on the brink of an economic take-off, much like China was 30 years ago' #BarbaraWard2014
  24. Agriculture is poorly integrated with global markets in Africa says Fatima Denton @IIED @lizcarabine #BarbaraWard2014
  25. FD: post independence still been resource exporter. Agriculture not well integrated with other sectors. #BarbaraWard2014
  26. #BarbaraWard2014 Therefore it is crucial that the agriculture industry follows this and for this Africa needs energy Denton says.
  27. Africa has also been witness to, though not a generator of huge growth of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere #BarbaraWard2014
  28. From 'Africa the hopeless continent' to 'Africa rising' in 10 years, but climate change threatens development #BarbaraWard2014 @IIED
  29. "How does Africa move from the periphery of the globalised economy? Through low carbon technologies." #BarbaraWard2014 @IIED
  30. Fatima #BarbaraWard2014 need new paradigm for Africa recognising finite nature of #naturalresources
  31. Fatima Denton: 'there is no atmospheric space for an #African industrial revolution' @IIED #barbaraward2014 #climatechange #sustainability
  32. .@Fatima_ACPC explains that Africa can channel and promote new green and blue low carbon development #BarbaraWard2014
  33. Fatima Denton's vision for Africa come out of the periphery is based on low carbon socially just path #Barbaraward2014
  34. The state is absent in many mitigation and adaptation sectors, eg energy, water. Climate change demands public engagement. #BarbaraWard2014
  35. 'Climate governance in Africa calls for greater emphasis on equity' - UN's Fatima Denton at #BarbaraWard2014
  36. Denton says Ethiopia plans to decarbonise by 2022. Why is this not big news? #barbaraward2014
  37. '10 million trees for 10 million people' - the Benin plan for reforestation for mitigation and adaptation. #barbaraward2014
  38. Fatima explains the importance of climate science + need for it to be catalyst to drive adaption and mitigation activities #BarbaraWard2014
  39. Time for Africa to align on mitigation pathway as well as adaptation #Barbaraward2014
  40. #BarbaraWard2014 Fatima Denton streses the importance of climate science to underin decisions on climate change in Africa.
  41. Impressed to hear Benin plants one tree per inhabitant. Time to think differently about Africa and climate change @IIED #BarbaraWard2014
  42. Uganda making great strides in organic food market due to low use of artificial fertilisers #BarbaraWard2014 @IIED
  43. Africa has world's largest potential for carbon free energy -sun wind geothermal #barbaraward2014
  44. Africa should move towards sustainable and renewable sources of energy says Fatima at #BarbaraWard2014
  45. "Africa accounts for 4% of global electricity generation, but 15% of the global population. What a mismatch." #BarbaraWard2014
  46. #BarbaraWard2014 3rd area is energy and unleashing agricultural potential. Only 10% arable area used for food, only 6% irrigated.
  47. Fatima Denton 'place state back at centre of development in Africa' #BarbaraWard2014 lecture @iied http://t.co/psaT3ZDehZ
    Fatima Denton 'place state back at centre of development in Africa' #BarbaraWard2014 lecture @IIED pic.twitter.com/psaT3ZDehZ
  48. Women and youth single largest untapped potential in Africa #barbaraward2014
  49. Africa has vast solar, biomass & wind resources: Cape Verde aims to generate 50% of its energy from renewables @Fatima_ACPC #BarbaraWard2014
  50. Importance of investing in people. African richness not only comes from it's natural resources but from it's people #BarbaraWard2014
  51. What an exciting prospect.Denton says "Africa could become custodian of the world" - it's where we all came from #barbaraward2014
  52. VIDEO: @Fatima_ACPC compares Africa's energy consumption to its population #BarbaraWard2014 --> http://t.co/3TAyWsfR8u
    VIDEO: @Fatima_ACPC compares Africa's energy consumption to its population #BarbaraWard2014 -->  http://instagram.com/p/vob_1cHvLk 
  53. Rwanda has successfully shown how to leapfrog technogies such as information tech #Barbaraward2014
  54. .@Fatima_ACPC's new narrative for Africa: 1 New governance 2 Bold leadership 3 Energy 4 Investing in people 5 Sci & tech #barbaraward2014
  55. UN's Fatima Denton: Africa has 60% of the world's arable land yet hunger persists. #BarbaraWard2014
  56. Must act to seize opportunity for international cooperation. Need strong enough current to lift all the boats #BarbaraWard2014
  57. Denton "despite the flows, bends and turns of the river, Africa has limitless potential" #barbaraward2014
  58. The inspiring voice of Fatima Denton 'Africa has limitless potential to win the climate fight' #BarbaraWard2014 @IIED
  59. Applause greets the end of @Fatima_ACPC's #BarbaraWard2014 lecture, and the Q&A begins... http://t.co/iqJaakMruR
    Applause greets the end of @Fatima_ACPC's #BarbaraWard2014 lecture, and the Q&A begins... pic.twitter.com/iqJaakMruR
  60. Now Rebeca Grynspan, Chair of @IIED board of trustees takes to the stage to close #BarbaraWard2014 and start the Q&A session...
  61. Should countries discovering minerals and oil and gas extract them now? #Barbaraward2014
  62. UN's Fatima Denton: Extractive industries damage the environment but benefit few African communities. #BarbaraWard2014
  63. Restoring balance of ecosystem services way to go says Fatima but at the scale needed #BarbaraWard2014
  64. #BarbaraWard2014 "private sector needs to be sensitised".... Or taxed?!
  65. China and USA seem to be converging on a climate change agreement. How will this affect Africa? Asks a delegate at #BarbaraWard2014
  66. Fatima explains she welcomes China and US taking proactive stance on climate change #BarbaraWard2014
  67. What would it take to have a common African approach in climate change negotiations? #BarbaraWard2014. Starts with confidence says Fatima
  68. Africa group becoming more confident in unfccc #Barbaraward2014 but under-represented says @Fatima_ACPC
  69. African negotiators have to play a 'jack of all trades role' in negotiations explains @Fatima_ACPC #BarbaraWard2014
  70. Fatima Denton name checks @cdknetwork as important actor in supporting Africa in climate negotiations #BarbaraWard2014 @KiranSura_x
  71. .@IIED's Simon Anderson talks about experiences in Tighrey in Ethiopia - farmers using climate science #Barbaraward2014
  72. Denton "Africa suffers an asymmetry, it goes into negotiations with far fewer experts" #barbaraward2014
  73. Another question: is it possible to connect two chapters? Women+youth and stronger governance? #BarbaraWard2014
  74. Issue on governance not just African problem says Fatima - especially in relation to climate change #BarbaraWard2014
  75. Refreshing to see African youth more involved in climate change issues #BarbaraWard2014 How can we own the problem? Ask African young people
  76. Delegate from @FarmAfrica asks what small thing can civil society do to build on other opportunities? #BarbaraWard2014
  77. Civil society beginning to really have a voice in Africa + can start calling governments to order says Fatima in response #BarbaraWard2014
  78. #BarbaraWard2014 question: What would @Fatima_ACPC say to LDCs who wish to use their progressive force to foster ambition? asks @envoyjarju
  79. Countries can come together around a climate change issue. Eg Nordic and progressive African countries #barbaraward2014
  80. .@RGrynspan summarises how to change the narrative including women, triple wins, ecosystems, private sector and values #BarbaraWard2014
  81. @Fatima_ACPC asks can the Green Climate Fund support women in Africa to take more entrepreneurial bigger business opps? #BarbaraWard2014
  82. Women not the problem they are a big part of the solution says @RGrynspan #BarbaraWard2014
  83. "This system conspires against women - locks them into micro products. I want to see women doing big business" @Fatima_ACPC #barbaraward2014
  84. Not everything can go through the COP. It is too adversarial. Progressive countries can and must find areas of agreement. #BarbaraWard2014
  85. An inspiring & inspired #BarbaraWard2014 Lecture. My thanks to all at @IIED, our guests, Board of Trustees, @Fatima_ACPC & @RGrynspan.