20th Poverty and Environment Partnership (PEP) meeting

From 27-30 May, 2015, the 20th PEP meeting brought participants together to discuss implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for inclusive, climate-resilient, green economies. Follow coverage of the event by the International Institute for Environment and Development as it happened:

  1. Day one of the 20th PEP meeting focused on knowledge on poverty, environment and climate: what have we learned and what do we still need to know?
  2. The focus of the 20th #PEP is on implementing the sustainable development goals (#SDGs) for inclusive, #climate-resilient, green economies
  3. We'll have full coverage of the #SDGs discussions from #PEP here tomorrow, but will also bring a few updates this morning
  4. Global GDP has increased by 75% since 1993 – but “in spite of environmental degradation”. Caballero from @WorldBank at #PEP
  5. Early on, there was a shift in the social coverage to take account of a hashtag that conflicted with Bayern Munich football manager Pep Guardiola...
  6. HASHTAG UPDATE: You can follow conversations at the 20th Poverty Environment Partnership by using the #PEP20 hashtag
  7. Let's not confuse poverty-environment with football managers! Changing hashtag from #pep to #pep20 for @IIED @DFID_UK meeting in Edinburgh
  8. And the day continued with the launch of an animation about the Sustainable Development Goals
  9. Participants at the IIED @DFID_UK #PEP20 event have just been shown a great new animation on #SDGs pic.twitter.com/7dJyIsXpaQ
  10. The discussions continued, examining the SDGs process, opportunities, and their role in poverty reduction and national implementation, and a look at the historic nature and potential of the poverty/environment/climate agenda
  11. 'Poor people as agents in their future' &'integrated institutioons' as part of the new p/e/c agenda #PEP20 @IIED @espadirectorate
  12. Ecosystem services should be accounted for in the national accounting frameworks for sustainable development. #PEP20  https://twitter.com/IIED/status/603483333025210368 
  13. #PEP20 implemntation of SDGs need SMEs and Local Government. Success will depend on what happens on the ground @glenmpani @OSISA @IIED
  14. #PEP20 @OSISA @IIED next roundtable is on poverty, equity & inclusion. Wat is the impact of climate change on social protection reponses?
  15. #PEP20 @OSISA @IIED each year two hundred million people are uprooted fom their homes because of climate change says moderator. Significant!
  16. The question of formalising the informal economy is this what we have in mind? #PEP20 Chinamasa vows to tax vendors  http://www.newzimbabwe.com/news-22736-Chinamasa+vows+to+tax+vendors/news.aspx  )
  17. The first morning of #PEP20 has closed with a session on employment, SMEs & #greeneconomy services as a route of #poverty
  18. Over at @thehubroyalmile the #PEP20 event is now discussing livelihoods in rural & #urban contexts #poverty
  19. #PEP20 the poor will not benefit from green economy in the absence of access to information about products, markets & opportunities @OSISA
  20. Poverty Environment Partnership #PEP20 is looking forward & tailoring its next 5yr strategy. Looking forward to talking about Comms tomorrow
  21. Ecosystem services can reduce poverty but the poorest members of the community r least likely to benefit due to elite capture #PEP20 @OSISA
  22. Good governance is important for addressing poverty but don't just focus in government policy. Social contracts are essential too #PEP20
  23. 'Good governance is essential, but don't just focus on policy!', one of the key learnings from the #espa programme @espadirectorate #PEP20
  24. #PEP20 Alais Morindat makes the point to do justice to the poverty & environment agenda we should put aside our watches &share real stories
  25. #PEP20 need to challenge and re-engineer our theory of development if we are to address poverty. Revisit concepts such as democracy @OSISA
  26. Our pedagogy mst focus on the most #marginalized & oppressed, Alais Morindat @espadirectorate session #livelihoods & rural ecosystems #PEP20
  27. #PEP20 mobility is key coping strategy for pastoralists. It's an effective strategy that must be given a chance @OpenSocietyEA @OSISA @IIED
  28. In Bangladesh governments typical response; ban fishing, mango harvesting more regulations.Undermining e livelihoods of e poor. @IIED #PEP20
  29. What institutional frameworks enable the #urban poor to improve their wellbeing? Ferdous Jahan #PEP20 @espadirectorate @IIED
  30. Regional co-operation promoting investments in natural capital in #Asia by H. Gunatilake of @ADB_HQ #PEP20 @espadirectorate @IIED
  31. We need to get smarter about our communication to facilitate takeup of #landscape approaches, Prof Gardingen @espadirectorate #PEP20 @IIED
  32. #PEP20 sometimes mentioning the word environment marginalizes the poor. How to link env to right to water, food and energy @OSISA @IIED
  33. #PEP20 exciting discussions ahead. Next how to avoid the resource curse. Focus on resources above ground, forests, fisheries, water @OSISA
  34. Day two:
  35. In Edinburgh, the second day of the 20th Poverty Environment Partnership is under way @thehubroyalmile -->  http://www.povertyenvironment.net/  #PEP20
  36. The 1st session is focusing on mainstreaming #SDGs through institutional, policy & expenditure reforms, highlighting UN experiences #PEP20
  37. #PEP20 political economy of poverty is missing from discussions on the SDGs. What to do with 1.2 billion people who live in extreme poverty?
  38. #PEP20 REDD has brought many actors to stage table to address forest degradation. question is what does it mean for community rights?@IIED
  39. #PEP20 in Mozambique community land rights are embedded in policy. Direct result has been devolution of management to communities @IIED
  40. #PEP20 how do we make links between communities involved in trade of natural resources with development of SMEs @OSISA @IIED
  41. #PEP20 Sebastio Dimene Min of Finance Mozambique shares experiences implementing poverty & environment initiative pic.twitter.com/JZpPtzirnH
  42. #PEP20 management of natural resources in Mozambique is a national priority. Actors are making an effort to measure e natural capital @IIED
  43. #PEP20 UINDP admits to making mistakes at the beginning of the poverty & environment initiative. Was too top down. What's the alternative?
  44. 'PEI supports an integrated programme design at the country level and promotes cross government approach', D. Smith @UNEP #PEP20 @UNDP @IIED
  45. 'Its important to present good news as well as bad news', D. Smith @UNEP on key lessons from PEI in #Africa #PEP20 @UNDP @IIED
  46. #PEP20 transformation comes up in SDGs. But the structures & being used are problematic. Where is the voice & space for citizens to engage?
  47. #PEP20 legal empowerment of the poor is crucial for ending poverty & sustaining the env. The legal framework in Mozambique makes it possible
  48. The global north needs to step in if poverty and environment agenda is to be achieved. Not enough to just focus on the south. #PEP20
  49. "The #SDGs present such a transformative agenda that they cannot be achieved without transforming our own organisations" #PEP20 #post2015
  50. #PEP20 the agency approach within the UN system will not take us far in implementing the SDGs. Meaningful participation of citizens is key
  51. #PEP20 how do we intervene on the tax evasion issue to ensure we have the financial resources to meet the SDGs? great question @OSISA @IIED
  52. Question: what role can the Poverty Environment Partnership play between now & the Addis Financing for Developing conf? #PEP20
  53. That will be the subject of a session at #PEP20 tomorrow #ffd
  54. #PEP20 What is the thinking around transforming the flow of development finance? How do we ensure the impact is felt on the ground?
  55. Not everything at PEP20 went entirely to plan...
  56. IIED chief economist Paul Steele reveals dramatic developments at #PEP20: the lunch has got stuck in the lift!
  57. But the sessions and discussions quickly continued...
  58. 'Answering the right question for the right people is key to #research impact', Prof Gardingen of @espadirectorate #PEP20 @IIED @DFID_UK
  59. IIED's director or communications, Liz Carlile, was among the panellists in a session on communication in the afternoon
  60. What is the role of #comms with the #SDGs? Now in a #PEP20 session on knowledge generation, communication & networks for SDG implementation
  61. New opportunities like #socialmedia, #bigdata, info platform & citizenjournalism for #research communication, @lizcarlile @IIED #PEP20
  62. "If we get the science right, policies will follow. But we know what drives policymaking is much more complicated than that" #PEP20
  63. Until something is communicated it isn’t real. OR Until something is communicated & has an impact, it isn't real. What do you think? #PEP20
  64. "The value of participatory video is that it allows people to speak for themselves, in their own, genuine, voice" #PEP20 #comms
  65. Here's a great example of participatory video -->  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SFnazhiu9Y  A powerful voice that prompted govt action #PEP20 #comms
  66. Speaking of #comms techniques and practices, a new #PEP20 blog is now available on  http://www.iied.org ...
  67. Quite often we miss the 'social demand' dimension as part of #research #comms practice, input at #PEP20 @IIED @espadirectorate @DFID_UK
  68. PHOTOS: a range of images from day two of the 20th #Poverty Environment Partnership event #PEP20 pic.twitter.com/fACvHguuxe
  69. Also pertinent is @CamillaIIED's blog highlighting 4 priorities to help LDC govts lift citizens out of poverty  http://www.iied.org/transforming-growth-for-least-developed-countries  #PEP20
  70. 'Harvesting the stories of change key to our collective evidence-based advocacy strategy', input at #PEP20 @IIED @espadirectorate
  71. Understanding country-specific needs to support #SDGs readiness is one of the next steps for the PEP network #PEP20 @IIED @espadirectorate
  72. Day three:
  73. In Edinburgh, it's the third day of the 20th #Poverty and Environment Partnership meeting -->  http://www.povertyenvironment.net/partnership  #PEP20
  74. On the agenda this morning is a discussion on what happens next for #PEP20: the way ahead for #poverty, #environment & #climate
  75. SDG implementation will need a different culture of communicating - promoting learning, reflection, room for experimentation #PEP20 @IIED
  76. Camilla Toulmin notes that #PEP20 has focused on P for Poverty and ignored the other Ps power & politics all important 4 change @OSISA @IIED